About | Cah Kene


Welcome to Cah Kene

Cah Kene is the one of Adventure agent service. Cah Kene can be your tour leader which you can feel like native person where ever your Adventure destinations are. Cah Kene would like to serve and to be your best partner exploring new place with friendly and familiar.

Every Adventure Cah Kene would give you suggest the best schedule, but you can also make your own schedule as your best plan. Cah Kene work with any kind of Adventurer and tour services like beach, forest exploring, mountain, Out bond, Rock Climbing, Cycling Down Hill, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling.

So if you have plan to traveling or Adventure Cah Kene ready with you exploring the world, Indonesian traditional primitive village, Las Vegas NV, Mount Rushmore SD, Crazy Horse SD, Rinjani Mt., Lawu Mt. Semeru Mt. Raung Mt.,etc.

Thank you, lets get your best experience Exploring the world.

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